Honey Boo Boo: The Train Wreck Continues

So this week we found out Mama June’s answer, plus a whole lot of information I probably could’ve lived without, yet I still watched….

1)”I ain’t never been married none.”--- This literally made my eye twitch. There’s so much wrong with this sentence that I literally can’t comprehend what she is saying.

2) Mama June, please stop being so dramatic over the “m” word----

3) “Hollabooah”—almost like “Hallelujah”

4) A “better than sex” back scratch??---ummm no

5) SHUT UP!! Mama June and Sugar Bear met online. And it was originally supposed to be a “hook ‘em and book ‘em” aka a “booty call.

6) Mama June and I have, yet another thing in common: We both struggle with math.  Proof: her 9 year relationship with Sugar Bear is her 2nd longest relationship, just behind her 5 year relationship----- mmmhmmm….maybe she struggles a little more than I do

7) Two tips for a Wedding on a Budget: a) bedazzled tennis shoes  b) roadkill to serve your guests---I just hope Honey Boo Boo uses these valuable pieces of advice when she becomes a Party Planner

8)”ProNastinator”---aka Procrastinator, yet somehow, I think, in this case, pronastinator works

9) Someone give that “Forever Fabulous” wedding planner an award for maintaining her composure during that segment.

10) Jessica is failing P.E.---Y’all

11) Someone get this family some crossfit, a Couch 2 5K app, or even the 7 minute workout app!!!

12)I did not know that when one loses weight, that it goes to ones’ back—Thank you, HBB!

13) June’s face exercises made my week!

14) Possibly my favorite quote tonight was when Anna proclaimed, “Big deal Jessica passer her test!! I created life, who else can do that???”----ummmmmmm

15) Design and assign are essentially the same thing in HBB land

16) I am convinced that Honey Boo Boo’s hair hasn’t been brushed since the season 1 finale.

17) “DoorKnob”---The dumbest game ever! Yes, it is even dumber than all those fb game invites ;)

18) Mama June’s confidence is just outstanding: “Big Beautimous Bride” “Smexy”(I’ve been guilty of saying this pre-HBB….this scares me) and “Everyone gonna wanna a piece of this”---yep!

19) The Wedding Guest List: Lil Willie, Snap John, Pork Chop, Boxcar, Catfish, Phlme, Nibblet---Are these real people?!?!?! Seriously-----guess I will have to keep watching to find out, dang it! ;)


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