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Birthed by a Massage

Lately, aaand by lately I mean the last two years, life has been one roller coaster after another, and I am sure someone can relate. Along with the stressors of everyday life there have been quite a few curveballs that I have not really known what to do with so I let them build in my back. Last week, the “curveballs” had turned into massive knots in my back and the pain was almost unbearable. So, I went to have a deep tissue massage hoping for some sort of relief. I signed in at the spa and was taken to a comfy plush room to basically sign my life away. I sat there and thought “oooh, I hope I get a nice lady….” I sat and pondered and built up some ridiculous anxiety because, well, that‘s how I roll. My thoughts were interrupted by my massage therapist for the day. I looked up and up to a beautiful, tall, strong, black woman with short tight curly hair. I immediately thought, “Papa?” Now, if you have the book, THE SHACK, then you get the reference and if not, well there’s Google. This w