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Fab Faith Fix

So, I just clicked “view blog” on my dashboard and saw that my last post was June 24th, for this, my handful of readers, I do apologize. I realize that I have deprived you for almost a month from your Fab Faith Fix ! Yes, that’s what we shall now call this blog, as if Oscar coined it himself…your Fab Faith Fix ! Love it! I know you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation of what awaits your reading eyes! This past month has been nothing less than this crazy beautiful life that God has blessed me with! In the midst of car wrecks, cars breaking down, medical tests, carpooling, being told I had the magic and I could press a certain doctor’s buttons anytime, definitely making cupcake day a must in my life, and seeing The Proposal 3 times, there’s still a peace in my soul, THANK the Good Lord or else you would no longer ever be able to get your Fab Faith Fix for I would be in a padded cell! =) During these past weeks when I have failed you miserably as my “followers” I have decided

*Not Guilty*

I know this doesn't count as a post...I promise I am currently working on one...however my sister shared this song with me and its one of those songs that has lyrics that are so humbling and beautiful that I just have to share!! I hope it speaks to you....Lord, knows I cried!! I am posting the lyrics below the link to the song. Mandisa - Not Guilty I stand accused There’s a list a mile long Of all my sinsOf everything that I’ve done wrongI’m so ashamed There’s nowhere left for me to hide This is the day I must answer for my life My fate is in the Judge’s hands But then He turns to me and says I know you I love you I gave My life to save you Love paid the price for mercy My verdict not guilty How can it be? I can’t begin to comprehend What kind of grace Would take the place of all my sin? I stand in awe Now that I have been set free And the tears well up as I look at that cross Cause it should have been me My fate was in the nail sca