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What if…

What if… What if she/he never comes back? What if…. "Does that change the sovereignty of me, God Almighty?" "Does that change that I Am the Great I Am?" "Does that change that I am still on the throne?" What if the circumstances don’t change? "Does that change Who I AM?" "Does that change the Promises I have made?" "Does that change My Love for you?" What about the glimpse of hope that the circumstances are changing? "Circumstances change with the wind, but I remain the same." "Is your hope in Me? Or in the circumstance?" “Or in the outcome?” “…when the test says no baby.” "Keep your eyes on Me." “…when the diagnosis is cancer.” "Keep your eyes on Me." “…when the waiting is too much.” "Keep your eyes on Me." “…when the betrayal knocks you on your face.” "Keep your eyes on Me." I know I've written posts like this