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Fostering And Praying

The trouble with fostering children comes in the realm of prayers.  You see, I want the best for the children, but I don't want the biological parents to succeed. So, what does that say about me?!? While I'm praying for "God's will"---or really what I think is best---I'm really praying that "those people"---who need Jesus just as much as I do---fail and stay bound in the life that got them here.  Yes. That's my disgusting human heart. That's where I have found myself lately: celebrating when "those people" fail miserably.  I'll let that sink in. It's disgusting. I know.  However, watching and walking this journey with some very close people in my life has allowed God to reveal Himself to me in a new way---which also means, revealing some pretty disgusting things in my heart. Like my inner happy dance when "those people" fail. See, I haven't found myself praying for "those people." I haven't found

A Teacher's Brain on Day One

A  teacher's brain on the first day of school is a scary place. Actually, it's a scary place anytime. At any given point there are 5-10-15 thoughts happening, while managing a group of learners. It's exhausting, but it will keep you on your toes.  Here's a glimpse into my brain today: *alarm goes off* "Noooooooo!!!!!!!! It can't be!! Omgah the kids are coming today." "What am I going to wear? No. No. No. Yes!" *at school* "I bet the copier is full. Or jammed." "These new kids---will I like them? Will they like me?" "Why am I so hungry???" "Seriously, need a potty break." "Why did I wear these shoes?"  "Who invented bras anyway?" "It's only 9am?!?!?!" "Why won't that kid stop whispering while I'm talking?" "Seriously, dude, I know you're still texting or snapping or whatever." "Oh, yes!!! They believed my bluff!!" "Oh crap!! Tha