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This MAY Take A While......

I guess I should no longer call myself a “blogger”! I just looked and it has been about a month since a post. I have been working on a blog for you all, but I am afraid that I am not QUITE ready to post it yet, soon though I promise. I really have no profound thoughts or great epiphanies to share about a journey I am on or you may be on, but I do have pictures! One of my best friends in the whole wide world got married on April 24 in Tennessee. Yes, I blogged about the journey but I did not share any pictures, unless you saw the plethora on face book! On the off chance you did not see them I will share some now: The journey began early that humid Friday morning, with nothing but highway in front of me and my sister! Yes, in the picture below I am driving WHILE wearing my snuggie and its completely safe!! Mr. and Mrs. Drew Battistelli My new friend, Katie Hannah, she is truly one fabulous chick!!! On the way home Hannah and I made a stop at Graceland. I will not bore you with the ph