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Tires and Tiaras

Can I just start off by saying how I have missed this BlogSpot? I think of it often and have blogs in my head on a constant reel it’s just now finding the time to sit down and write them out. I miss talking out loud to myself as I type these things and hoping you read them with as I speak them into the keyboard! [I’m really not crazy! ;)] I am going to try to do better in between school and life! With that being said, let’s get back to business!! Some of you might have seen where I was a pageant judge this past weekend and some of you might not have seen this…so this past weekend I was asked to come judge the Miss Simms pageant in Simms, Texas; a small community right outside of Texarkana. This experience was seriously all kinds of fun!! But, let me start at the beginning of this weekend journey. I needed to be in Texarkana between 6 and 7 on Friday night, so Friday morning I promptly left my house at 8:30am (with my luggage) to head to Avoyelles Hospital to do a little work before I