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Confessions of an Online Dating Profile

I'm just gonna be real for the next few minutes. It's a tough world. It's an even tougher world in the dating scene. In a digital society that thrives in technology and social media--or even a blog like this--online dating is becoming a norm. It is not as faux paux as it once was; however, it's slightly embarrassing to admit that yes, I have tried it. And boy is it exhausting!! Dating online allows anyone---even myself---to hide behind a screen when it comes to face to face communication. It has become a crutch in this society. I even see it in my students. It is hard for them to communicate in anything more than 140 Tweet characters or a Snapchat caption. But I digress---So, yes I have tried online dating. Who of you single readers haven’t? Be honest. You have and you know it. It is okay. This is the world we live in and it is hard to meet people without technology. I have comprised a list of confessions, if you will, that are real life examples of just ho