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Hope: It is a Good Thing

The thought process behind this blog started months ago. There are random pieces of it in the notes app on my phone. However, I put the pen to paper the night before Easter because there was a stirring; yet, I could not finish the blog. I could not process it to an end. I had no idea why. I, also, had no idea what the week after Easter held for me. Funny, how that timing thing works, huh?   It has been a few weeks—months—since I have put my heart to paper through ink—even longer since the ink turned into Times New Roman on the computer screen. Once again, this is a journey that parallels life, for I am not real sure where it will lead. It is the night before Easter 2014. There’s no Easter bunny visiting once again this year. There are no eggs to hide and no chocolate bunny. But, there is the promise of Sunday morning, figuratively speaking. I was pondering how Mary, Martha, and the rest of Jesus’ followers must have felt on this night so many years ago. They had seen the Lover