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Dear Pretty Girl

The following is a blog that has been on my heart and computer since earlier this year when I was people watching at a concert. (Yes, the Nelly concert.) In light of all of the posts where people have been challenged to post 5 pictures that they feel beautiful in. I have been challenged quite a few times, so here are my five, along with a little piece of my heart. Dear Pretty Girl, I see you. I see you as you stare and take it all in. I see you as you are --- never enough and always falling short. I see you as you see them---the prettier and skinnier girls as they strut through the gazes of admirers. I see you as you adjust your clothes---the shirt that now seems to accentuate every flaw; the shoes that now seem to be clumsy; and that frizzy hair that just won’t stay in place. I see the insecurity and anxiety perspire as you dab them away, hoping no one saw. I see you as you watch with lonely and longing eyes wishing for one admirer for rescue. I see your s