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December 26: The Most Depressing Day

It's day after Christmas. There are 363 days until to magic of Christmas Eve. The wrapping and bows have been ripped with joy and excitement.The new possessions have been put away. The pants are fitting a little tighter, and for the most part, the families have dispersed.  And the hum drum of the everyday life is upon us. The decorations must come down. The quiet magic has fled. It's just depressing. Sure, this makes the Christmas freaks, like myself, enjoy and cherish this season more because it is just that--a season. But, what if, just what if Christmas lived in each of us every day of the year? The spirit and magic of the Christmas season, for 2013, is now behind us. I always feel that's there's just something magical about this season. People give more; some smile more; and there's a heightened awareness of family, friends, and humanity in general. During this time, we surround ourselves with "good tidings" of words such as: "Joy," "

Graduation: Thankful and Bittersweet

If people gave thank you speeches when they received their diplomas, well graduation would be 36 hours long, and mine would be something like this: And all of the sudden, I don’t know where the last three years went. I don’t know how I ever passed a class for I know nothing. All of the sudden, I don’t want that diploma just yet; for there’s so much I don’t know. It’s scary---reaching a goal that is---because then what---now what?!? I have these wings and they are small, but fierce; and they are desperate to be used, yet drip with fear of the unknown. ·          Thank you to every job for helping me realize what I wanted to do and giving me the courage to go back to school. ·          Thank you, Dad, for cutting out 100 perfect squares for a board game for Ed. Psych. ·          Thank you Mandy K., for letting me use your words, kids, and Cenla DSA for writing topics in journalism. ·          Thank you, Erika, for really being able to appreciate the A’s on Ourdes’ tests

Inside the First Days

Last week I was the sickest I've been in years, literally. So naturally, Last week I started my first teaching job. As I was driving to the school that first day, a school where I did some observations and student teaching , my mind was just focused on the journey for once---ya know making it in one piece since I was all foggy headed and not peeing when I coughed---let's be real!:-) However, when I parked it was as if a huge gong hit me over the head and I realized I was about to walk into a classroom--- my classroom. "Ummm, Faith, what the hell are you doing?!? No one else is going to be in that classroom with you. This is it. You are it. Run away now!! You know nothing!! These people are crazy for letting you… teach !!! Run away---it's not too late!!!" I was internally screaming at myself before I could even get out of my car! But as fate would have it, this out of body experience occurred and I gathered my things and walked inside. I made my way to MY cl

Lessons Under the Lights

     I sat under the Friday night lights and watched as my seniors were honored on their home turf.   I sat and choked on unexpected tears as I realized that just as quickly as their last home football game would be a memory, so would our time together. I cannot put into words how much I will miss these kids when I have to leave them in three weeks.   I cannot explain how honored I am to have spent these 15 weeks with them-- to be a brief part of their lives-- and that just maybe I taught them a thing or two---which pales in comparison to what they've taught me.       They taught me how to be uncomfortable and to get out of my comfort zone--and that's okay. It’s more fun out there, anyway! They taught me to just be real and that it's okay to say, "I don't know but we can look it up together,” or “You are right. I was wrong.” They taught me to be vulnerable, yet confident. They taught me the importance of making executive decisions that affect life in the c

Honey Boo Boo: Pass the Meds and the Razors

I don’t know what it was about this week’s episode, but it just seemed to hit a new jaw-dropping level. Starting with Sugar Bear and his underwear…. 1)       No one needs to about your underwear, or the lack thereof, Sugar Bear. 2)       When the family went to the park, I realized that no one can say that they don’t use their imagination for entertainment. However, I can’t lie—I was cracking up!! 3)       “Momentus”—Sort of like “momentum” 4)       I found it interesting that Mama June sneezes on her food, but would not eat a hot dog off the picnic table. I mean, at least she has limits. 5)       Man heels---Novel, Honey Boo Boo! 6)       Wait-----Was that a goat head in wreath on the wall?!?!?! 7)       A day at the spa---complete with “Chin Vacuuming” and “Neck-cials.” 8)       Mama June, no one…I repeat, NO ONE, wants to “jiggle your rolls.” 9)       Was anyone else confused as to why Honey Boo Boo covered her EARS when she was talking about the bad S

Honey Boo Boo: It's Just Too Much!

This week's installment of Honey Boo Boo!! 1)       YES!!!! Mama June opened it up with her sneezes---Those make me giggle everytime!! 2)       Was she handwriting her invitations?? With a sharpie?? 3)       No----she didn’t order some Porta Johns for the wedding/commitment ceremony----Y’all…… 4)       “Big girls wear lace ups”---Are we sure about this??? Because I kinda feel like some lace ups would look like a busted can of biscuits. 5)       “bat cave”-------a new name for my vajayjay 6)       I gagged……she hocked a loogie and swallowed----ok I can’t comment on that anymore! Moving on….. to the bat cave! 7)       “Stretch pants are fat girl jeans”---Confession: A friend and I   have considered “Pajama Jeans”---don’t you dare judge!! 8)       Their definition of health food and my definition are different---guess that’s what makes the world go round. 9)       “Hitcssssssed”---hitched/ married/ committed 10)    “Dancing is all about hand placement”---

On Being a Teacher

       This blog has been in my being for a few weeks now. However, today, I am sitting in an empty classroom and pondering. The desks are lined, new welcoming d├ęcor adorns the walls, and it is like the calm before the storm, or the deep breath before a high dive.      Students will be here in a few days, and the stormy journey will begin. I will challenge them and they will challenge me more. But, for now, everything is clean and orderly until the students will come in with their grand ideas and dreams. And I want nothing more than to encourage and nurture those dreams with them.     You see, I went to school to be a teacher of English, and yet there are things I haven’t learned.      Like the feeling when I see an old student who is getting ready for college--and suddenly I feel old and question "Did I do everything I could to prepare her??" No doubt she will succeed but did I do everything I could to challenge her enough... To push her beyond her limits a

Honey Boo Boo: The Smelly Lessons

It’s Wednesday, also known as Hump Day (said in my best camel voice), which also means its Honey Boo Boo day!! 1)       Let me start this one off just by saying that I was truly impressed with how Jessica, aka Chubbs, stepped up to the plate to keep the “home fires burnin’” while Sugar Bear was in the hospital. 2)       Honey Boo Boo, “The Maid”---One of her many talents!! She is quick and efficient! She’s green! She just mops the refrigerator and counter tops with the same mop and water she mopped the floor with……. 3)       To plan a bridal shower, at least in McIntyre, GA, all you need is a buffet, oh and meatballs. 4)       “Skin-Scurn” not to be confused with “concern” though the words are synonyms. 5)       If ever you are known or remembered by a smell, never, ever, let it be “The girl that smells like fish.”----This is not a compliment. And then to find out, by her own sisters, that Anna smells like Tuna…. Y’all….. I’m concerned. 6)       Also, onions, smel

Honey Boo Boo: The Train Wreck Continues

So this week we found out Mama June’s answer, plus a whole lot of information I probably could’ve lived without, yet I still watched…. 1)”I ain’t never been married none.”--- This literally made my eye twitch. There’s so much wrong with this sentence that I literally can’t comprehend what she is saying. 2) Mama June, please stop being so dramatic over the “m” word---- 3) “Hollabooah”—almost like “Hallelujah” 4) A “better than sex” back scratch??---ummm no 5) SHUT UP!! Mama June and Sugar Bear met online. And it was originally supposed to be a “hook ‘em and book ‘em” aka a “booty call. 6) Mama June and I have, yet another thing in common: We both struggle with math.   Proof: her 9 year relationship with Sugar Bear is her 2 nd longest relationship, just behind her 5 year relationship----- mmmhmmm….maybe she struggles a little more than I do 7) Two tips for a Wedding on a Budget: a) bedazzled tennis shoes   b) roadkill to serve your guests---I just hope Honey Boo Boo

It's Tough Being Healed

Isn’t it? I can’t be the only one that is living this. God is still performing miracles, and I know that I am not the only one who has witnessed such. And, once again I feel as though I should have a disclaimer that this blog entry is going to be nitty gritty and personal and all that good stuff!, which is why I have struggled with posting it, but I can't be the only one. So, let’s just get to it. So, my “love life” has been, well, interesting and crappy. I am in no way pretending that my “love life” has been worse than the next persons, but it has been mine, my story, and well, it’s some beautiful crap—seriously. I have been lead on, lied to, and cheated on. I have been the object of someone’s secret life. I have believed the lies from spiraling mind games; lies that told me I was nothing.   (Believe me; you’ll want to read the book when it comes out, so I won’t go into too much detail.) I was left with an empty shell of a person; a person that had to be rebuilt, redefin

Honey Boo Boo: The Train Wreck I Can't Stop Watching

Honey Boo Boo and Crew literally never cease to amaze me and leave me with my jaw on the floor. That being said, let’s just get straight to the lessons…. 1)       “Whopped by Lightning”---maybe the whole family was “shocked” and not just Pumpkin 2)       This week we have many career options for Honey Boo Boo, like Honey Boo Boo the Storyteller and illustrator. 3)       Honey Boo Boo the dancer----It’s too easy…..moving on 4)       “Individually Sliced Oranges” = mind blown 5)       As always, I do love a good vocabulary lesson: “minja = mini ninja” 6)       Mama June should be on Dance Moms, seriously, THAT would also be a train wreck I would watch 7)       “Un-nervoucized”---(yes I had to pause the DVR for spelling) to become “un-nervous” 8)       “Boo Boo in a TuTu”---umm, no 9)       Mama June is also a dancer. She taught Honey Boo Boo everything she knows. Mama J also threw her back out, sitting in a chair. Someone sign me up for lessons…………. 10)

Honey Boo Boo: She's Back!

       Tonight was the season 2 premiere of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” I believe it is safe to say that Mama June and company did not disappoint with their “redneck” ways. I half expected for this to be overly scripted, yet I found myself convinced that gems such as the following lessons can’t be made up, I don’t care who you are! So without further introduction, my 2 readers, here we go: 1)       Georgia is not really known for their “peaches,” but their “peches” 2)       Mama June’s “baby talk” is just as incoherent as her “regular talk” example: “bake gayamo doobie” ---- yeah, I’m still processing that as well 3)       “Sucks kinda like Monkey Balls.” --- I am really unsure of the simile here and I probably don’t really want to know 4)       Mama June, newsflash, you DO have a phone addiction---in fact, we all do 5)       OH the wrestling—Now you know this is where all the class comes out especially with the “game changing maneuver: Cup-A-Fart” (I hate, hate, hate ty

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn 2: A Wavering Hope

(Son of My Right Hand) How do you prepare for loss? Can you fathom for such preparation? We are a society that thrives on knowing days in advance before a storm hits, but what about the storms we don’t see? OR When you know a storm of grief is coming, how do you prepare for it? A close family member of mine has been fostering a child for months now. She is the only mother this child knows. The intent has always been to adopt. Without giving details,  they've  been warned that the storm that “could happen” will happen on a certain date. She begs with a tearful, mourning heart, “How do you prepare for that?” Do we give up hope? –But a life without hope is no life at all. How does a mother prepare to her heart back? “Only in darkness can you see the stars.”-MLK Upon hearing the news she shared, I was just overcome. I grabbed some paper and a pencil and you are reading most of what was jotted down plus, just trying to make sense of this and, to find an answe