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A Mother’s Day Ramble

  Mother’s Day Ramble   Mother’s Day.  What a complex day.  Growing up it was always a sad day, but I didn’t understand why. My mom grieved her own mother. As a kid, I definitely didn’t understand it—and I’m still learning.  Then one year, I made her watch PS I LOVE YOU—and I genuinely didn’t realize, at the time, anything about grief! Mother’s Day was always complex, but I never realized how complex it could be.  Now, as a mother of two children who have buried their first mom, grief hits on Mother’s Day in a new way.  Gracee’s grief is usually triggered around this time of year for two reasons. Her body remembers her first mom, even if her brain doesn’t remember everything because she was so young; and she has a court ordered visit the week before with her first mom’s parents. (If you know, you know).  Grief has absolutely taken over that mom and caused a rippling affect in many lives. At least, I identify it as grief even if she does not. Maybe that is my coping mechanism for all th