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December 26: The Most Depressing Day

It's day after Christmas. There are 363 days until to magic of Christmas Eve. The wrapping and bows have been ripped with joy and excitement.The new possessions have been put away. The pants are fitting a little tighter, and for the most part, the families have dispersed.  And the hum drum of the everyday life is upon us. The decorations must come down. The quiet magic has fled. It's just depressing. Sure, this makes the Christmas freaks, like myself, enjoy and cherish this season more because it is just that--a season. But, what if, just what if Christmas lived in each of us every day of the year? The spirit and magic of the Christmas season, for 2013, is now behind us. I always feel that's there's just something magical about this season. People give more; some smile more; and there's a heightened awareness of family, friends, and humanity in general. During this time, we surround ourselves with "good tidings" of words such as: "Joy," "

Graduation: Thankful and Bittersweet

If people gave thank you speeches when they received their diplomas, well graduation would be 36 hours long, and mine would be something like this: And all of the sudden, I don’t know where the last three years went. I don’t know how I ever passed a class for I know nothing. All of the sudden, I don’t want that diploma just yet; for there’s so much I don’t know. It’s scary---reaching a goal that is---because then what---now what?!? I have these wings and they are small, but fierce; and they are desperate to be used, yet drip with fear of the unknown. ·          Thank you to every job for helping me realize what I wanted to do and giving me the courage to go back to school. ·          Thank you, Dad, for cutting out 100 perfect squares for a board game for Ed. Psych. ·          Thank you Mandy K., for letting me use your words, kids, and Cenla DSA for writing topics in journalism. ·          Thank you, Erika, for really being able to appreciate the A’s on Ourdes’ tests

Inside the First Days

Last week I was the sickest I've been in years, literally. So naturally, Last week I started my first teaching job. As I was driving to the school that first day, a school where I did some observations and student teaching , my mind was just focused on the journey for once---ya know making it in one piece since I was all foggy headed and not peeing when I coughed---let's be real!:-) However, when I parked it was as if a huge gong hit me over the head and I realized I was about to walk into a classroom--- my classroom. "Ummm, Faith, what the hell are you doing?!? No one else is going to be in that classroom with you. This is it. You are it. Run away now!! You know nothing!! These people are crazy for letting you… teach !!! Run away---it's not too late!!!" I was internally screaming at myself before I could even get out of my car! But as fate would have it, this out of body experience occurred and I gathered my things and walked inside. I made my way to MY cl