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ABC: Adoption, Bibles, and Courtrooms

     For months, Jimmie and I have been in and out of courtrooms and attorney offices over our children. One in which was such a happy occasion where I was able to legally call them mine through the gift of adoption. It is not lost on me the beauty here or that this is an answer to their biological mother’s prayers. I am humbled to be given such a gift and journey.       Other times we’ve been fighting to keep our children and keeping their physical and emotional well beings safe. And because I am struggling, I physically cannot type anymore about this with details because I’m struggling with words. Correction: I’m struggling with Christ-like words.       I let my kids play barefoot at the park just the other day. I sat and watched my kids be kids. I listened to the screams, the giggles, the shrieks of delight. I watched as my Elsa chased my Captain America. And grief and courtrooms were a million miles away.  This is what I wish the people of the court could see. Then t