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I found it!!

Hello, 2011!! Christmas has once again come and gone and we have 349 days until the day returns (don't waste your time counting to see if thats right, I have it programmed in my phone as a countdown ha!) This year's Christmas was differnt and I can not even really explain it. Maybe it was because I was sick most of the time; maybe because I was absolutely broke and did not get to shop like normal; maybe it was because of some new changes that took place..whatever it was I did not "feel" Christmas this year until Christmas Eve night. I was driving back home from Greg's on 107 and my ipod was playing "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant and as I passed the beautiful manger scenes and the dazzling lights, I found Christmas. Sure, I only had about 24 hours of it left but what mattered was that I found it. It was not in the gifts, the lights, the decorations, the food, the friends, or the family no...but it was within me. It was a stirring deep within my spirit,