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Wavering Faith and the Saints

“Faith untested is dead.”  ( This semester my faith has been tested, but nothing out of the ordinary than any other test of faith. Well, maybe so because now I have this football analogy that ties into another parallel.) If you know anything about me, you know that I am an avid football fan. That gold runs in my blood for my Louisiana teams, so you can safely assume that this season starter was heartbreaking for my Saints. Week after week, I watched, hoping we would prevail with a “win,” yet, week after week, in a heart wrenching manner, we gained another “L.” Some games were so close, I could taste sweet victory like a beignet from CafĂ© Du Monde and then, in the last seconds it was a bitter reality of 0-1; 0-2; 0-3; 0-4. I saw rants of people threatening paper bags, calling my boys the “Aints,”   bandwagon fans showed their true colors. In my own rants, all I could think about is my spiritual faith. “What do I do when my faith in God wavers like my faith in the Saints? Do