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Miscarried Love

(I can't explain it...why or how  this came to me...well, I can in one word...God.......) For: E.R.J. You stop… Not wanting to get in the car (Wishing you could stop time) Not wanting to go for you are then admitting This is reality and you have to say goodbye So close— Then so fast Gone You think about the holidays, The kisses, The sweet handprints. You think about those first steps and That recognizing smile You think about the sweet distinct smell And those middle of the night feedings You think about holding your heart— Your world— In your arms   Grasping your aching abdomen, “If I don’t go, it’s not real, they can’t take my baby!” Tears flowing. You ache to hear the persistent cries To clean muddy footprints off the freshly mopped floors Or to admire in frustration a mural on the wall. The doctor comes in Compassionate but No matter how many times he’s done this He will never understand the rush of emotions in the moment he says, “I’m sorry

Another Successful Semester Down

It is hard for me to believe that I have been back in school for a year and a half now, another 3 semesters closer to my goal. Looking back, it has flown by and wow what a ride it has been! This particular semester that just ended was probably the most successful semester so far. Just one of the highlights and academic achievements was the Texas Tech Center for Undergrad Research Conference in April. I know you all are probably sick of reading about this accomplishment but I have had a few people ask for the actual finished product that was presented. So, while this will be a lengthy post here is the written version of my oral/paper presentation that did receive an honorable mention: "We live in a society where “sex sells”, but sex only in respect to male domination; a woman’s body is literally the billboard for the product.   Words such as “slut”, “loose” and “whore” are adjectives that come to mind for a woman who is comfortable in her sexuality. The battle between t

Marriage: My Humble Opinion

A friend, Zach Johnson, made a very good post earlier last week which got me to thinking more on this topic. His post read: "What if we spent just as much time petitioning for stricter anti-divorce laws as we do anti-gay marriage laws?" He then added the hash tag of "#protectmarriage" at the end. Yes, marriage does need to be protected, but not necessarily from the gay community. (Shhh, I can hear your gasps from here!) Yes, I am a Christian and no this is not a divorce bashing rant nor is it a pro gay marriage rant; however, it is a rant on the sanctity of marriage. Marriage was created for man and woman, a holy union in the eyes of God. But I have to ask what is marriage today?? With mindset of "I don't like you today so I will file divorce and get a new husband or wife" can we really talk about the sanctity of marriage in our anti-gay marriage protests? Can we really talk about how disgusting it would be to have a same-sex union, recognized by