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Once Again, a Teacher's Grief

        I have searched for the words to convey the nightmare of this week, but there truly are none. Never in my life did I think that I would bury two precious students within 11 months of each other. We, as a school family, were still healing from the tragic loss of our beautiful Bree, when suddenly our infectious Eric was ripped away from us.         As a teacher, the kids expect you to have answers. But this week, I simply had none. I asked the same hard questions, “Why?” We sat in shock that this was happening. Our hearts broke. We wrote and colored through the tears. We got lost in the memories. We rearranged rooms and plans because this was not supposed to happen. We broke in each other’s arms. We ran out of tissues.  Last year, I wrote this “A Teacher’s Grief” It's hard. It's beyond hard to see your big, tough boys collapse in your arms.  It's hard.  It's beyond hard to see the life in their eyes stunted.  It's hard.  It's beyond ha