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My Grandpa

As I am sure many of you have read or heard, my grandfather passed away this week after a long hard fought battle over the years and especially this last month. One thing can be said for sure, my grandfather was a fighter with a will to live and one you never heard complain about any of his ailments. He always had a smile on his face and a content heart just to be with his loved ones. Through the past several weeks I have stopped and just watched as the hand of God has carried my family with His outpour of grace and mercy in some very unfortunate circumstances and times. I sat next my fading grandfather as he caressed a picture of a better and younger era with his shaking frail hand, a time where health and time were on his side. A time where dreams were being sought and the future was bright. He stared at the picture and you could almost see the memories on his face as he was seeing them. I noticed his hand; a shaky frail hand that has done so much, built churches, houses, chalkb

Coloring is Cheaper Than Therapy

If you read my last post, or keep up with me on facebook you know that my family is going through a rough patch; however, God is faithful and His mercies are truly new every morning. I have been internally blogging and journaling when I can about this ride and I will share it with you in time. However, during all of this family time, an aunt brought this following "blog" back to my memory. I just found it and decided to go ahead and "cheat" here in the blogging world and post it. Maybe its just for my benefit but I do hope you gain something from these rambles....Until next time!! COLORING IS CHEAPER THAN THERAPY: Late Saturday night, while on a random trip to Walgreens I picked up a 16 pack of Crayola crayons and coloring book. Oddly, I found myself laughing at my excitement of my purchase. Sunday, I sat on my bed with Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy playing and I grabbed my favorite childhood past time. I sat and carefully picked my first bland and dead picture t