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Valentines Smalentines

I am sure everyone is posting some magical post about the Superbowl and the Snow and I'm sure they are including the phrase I've heard 100 times "Saints won the Superbowl AND we get snow...Hell really is freezing over!!" So forgive me for choosing another "lovely" topic....Valentine’s Day! It is Sunday this year. Feb 14, like it is every year when thousands of flowers are sent, false "I love you's" are said and OH don't let me forget those Valentine's Day proposals! (Sorry, no offense, if you were proposed to on said holiday, I am sure it was the most romantic cheeseless moment ever….. no really) I have never in my 25 years of walking this planet had an official significant other on this day, some of you might stop reading and say that’s why such the bitter tone; frankly I’m not sure of why this blog is sounding bitter unless it’s just my deep dislike for holiday boiling over into this. As kids, Valentine’s Day meant a party with expo

Believe Dat!

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