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Perspective, Anxiety, & A Ramble

What if I told you the mark of the beast was your cell phone ? Or social media? Would you be as irrationally outraged? Did you know that at one time the barcode was thought to be the mark of the beast? Or that the microchip you’re so worried about is in your hand right now as your reading this—in your phone?  Do you really read all of those terms and conditions that you accept so freely?? If you did, then I’d be willing to bet that a “microchip vaccine” would be the last of your worries.  There’s nothing in phase 3 about a vaccine. We make it to Phase 2 and schools can open.  Sure, there will be changes. But here’s a newsflash: There are always changes! And just for good measure: schools are not a daycare.  Stop believing and sharing everything you see on the internet. Y’all, just stop.  Stop posting every little and big conspiracy theory. Y’all, stop. Seriously.  I’ve always said that I’d like to think I’d stand up if I’d have lived during th