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Perfect Ink

Reading and the paper calls Reading and I can’t focus So, I toss the blank pages  on the floor that calls  “Lay out on me” I choose my pen carefully  for I am not sure where this journey is heading. But I am here— prostrate on the floor and the ink flowing out in a dance that has lately  been replaces with the click-click-click of the keys. Oh—this— This soulful ink that is  waiting for the dam to break———————————————— But is there a dam this time? Sure, I cried a little  at the initial break but I can’t find the tears anymore. I can’t find the anger. I can’t find the care. Could it be that I’m so  jaded that rejection is just in stride now? No. Possibly, this is a sign of growth Spiritually for me. Quite possibly all of those prayers that I covered him-us-me-him-us-me in were answered. Quite possibly this is what it is to truly “Just trust [Him].” Quite possibly this is me— prostra