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Sometimes, It is Not Well.

  * I urge you to listen to the song linked at the bottom of this post.* I sat and watched you in awe. I couldn't even imagine your insides as everyone watched her take your place. Watching her and… …Knowing that you knew your...her...your son better. …Knowing that this is totally out of your hands. …Knowing time is precious, yet you share it with her and him...them. …Knowing you are all he knows. …Knowing that while he knows her heartbeat from the inside, he knows that he is your heartbeat. …Knowing that if.... when...if....Lord willing not... but if...okay, when you have to hand him back,  part of you will die..... The part of you that thrives, that loves, that lives will die. …Knowing that this should be well will your, my, everyone’s soul. “So let go my soul and trust in Him The waves and wind still know His name” I found myself weeping and screaming at the word cancer dancing in my face. This was not supposed to happen to you. For you are a treasu