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A letter to parents on the first day of school

Dear Parents, I know some of you thought this day would never come and that grocery bill is relieved it's here.  Some of you dreaded this day.  Some of you this is your first day of school as a parent . Some of you are wishing you had just one more. And some of you it's your last.  We get it. We are going back to a routine, for that we are thankful.  We know you are entrusting us with your lifeline.  We know there will be good days and bad days. We know there will be long days. And we know that we will blink twice and it will be May.  We never take for granted the gift you are giving us. Your most prized possession and we get to be part of the village.  For the ones wishing you were buying school supplies one more time, do it. Because I promise you there's a child in every classroom wishing they had some new school supplies.  For the ones wishing time away, you only get 12 first days of school.  For the ones aching as they leave their li