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Candid Camera ??

Ok, dearies, I found this journal entry today and while it’s a few of months old, I really just wonder do these things happen to other people. And I am beginning to wonder if candid camera is following me around to see how much I can take of odd life experiences. Nonetheless, I LOVE my life…and its moments like these that make it all the more enjoyable. So, I am at lunch and I run to dollar tree to pick up a birthday card for a coworker, while looking over the surprisingly good selection of cards that are 2 for a dollar, this lady comes up to me. I do not know why these people find me; maybe I look like the most na├»ve person in the store. She is holding a set of 4 red Christmas Jingle Bells and she starts mumbling something but all I hear are flower girl and wedding. At this point, I say “now, ma’am what is it you are using these for?” and she says “I’m getting married soon, and my flower girl is going to shake the bells and yell THE BRIDE IS COMING!!! Do you think these will work?”

I found Jesus in the flowerbed....again!!

(The beginning of this is an old blog, this post is new along with the blog as a whole) In the spring fever mood I "suffered" from today due to the beautiful weather, I decided to start on the flower bed in front of my house. I had the fresh dirt and the flowers all ready, but when I looked at the flower bed it was not ready. The once fresh and fertile soil was now covered with weeds, rocks, a mossy like blanket and leaves. The top soil was dry and cracked. I knew my flowers would never survive nor would they be admired for their true beauty with all the ugly surrounding them. So, I started pulling weeds. The more I pulled up, the deeper they got. I pulled up weeds, rocks and leaves all by hand. Yet, the more I removed the exterior, the more I saw what was beneath, which was that fresh and fertile soil. I stopped. I sat on my knees, with the sun beating my brow and the fresh breeze caressing my skin. I pondered how this "gardening" was so much like what God has to

Blogging Off The Weight 4 ??

So, maybe I haven’t lost any more pounds but I’m pretty sure an inch or so fell off somewhere because I was able to go down a dress size and even two sizes in one style!!!! I got sick a couple of weeks ago…so sick that I was praying for God to just take me…it was a violent bug that left me 3 pounds lighter in 2 days!!!! However, I got REALLY dehydrated and frankly did not care anymore about calories or healthy food that is, once I was able to even be around food!!! So, to date I have lost 15 pounds! I am still happy about that and if this weather would ever NOT be rainy and cold I would start walking! In the meantime, though, my sister and I did buy a shake weight! Yes, AS SEEN ON TV, where the woman is shaking a weight and smiling the whole time! Let me clarify, that she is crazy because I do NOT smile the whole time I am shaking it!!! I am in a wedding at the end of April and I don’t want my flabby arms to be what I see when I look at pictures, so I’m shaking it off! As much as y