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Fairy Tales

They say fairy tales aren't real. They say that real love is hard work. They say real life is this: arguing; complaining and just mediocrity. They say love isn't all that and to stay single. They say I will see one day, that I will understand one day; BUT if I'm smart, I won't marry. Well, I say, they obviously haven't had what I have or witnessed the daily example that I have. Yes, I believe in fairy tales; in the ever after; in true love's kiss. Yet, I also believe love is hard work that's easy because it is love. Maybe I came to these conclusions because of two people who have lived a real example of a fairy tale: my parents. If there were ever a picture perfect marriage, it's theirs. Over the years I have witnessed the fights, the tears, the laughter, the friendship, the frustration, the honesty, the respect, and the love. But, most of all, I witnessed them being real and at times humble before one another, and before my sister and I. I ca