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The Gospel According to LOST by Chris Seay

The Gospel According to LOST by Chris Seay If you are a "Lostie" then this book demands your attention. I am a new "Lostie" because of this book and I was totally enthralled in Chris Seay's take on the series and the passengers of Oceanic 815. A whole new island, new views on characters and a new take on the series as a whole was opened up to me, the reader. This new "LOST" is full of new meaning to this journey we call life and full of parallels to Biblical principles. This book will NOT lose your attention as it delves into a deeper meaning to daily life. Even though the series is coming to a close very quickly, since reading this book I can guarantee that because of Chris Seay’s words, these principles and characters will be with me throughout my journey in life.

Creeper 101

While I am in no way some relationship expert nor do I consider myself a “stop you in your tracks” kinda girl, I have had my share of run-ins with the creepers out there. I guess I just need a good sarcastic-get-this-off-my-chest (no pun intended) blog. So, please enjoy! -I do not want to be gawked at while pumping gas, your sunglasses don’t hide your gaze that well, dude. -While walking in the hallway, don’t click your jaw at me. I am not a horse. -DR., please, we are co-workers, keep your hands to yourself, your eyes on my face, your nicknames like “stacked” in your head and all other sexually harassing “I could own you if I was a suing person” language to yourself, k? Thanks! -Oh then there’s you, the one that literally pops up wherever I go and has somehow infiltrated every social networking site I am on, and feels the need to comment on everything….Precious. -Hey There, Mr. “I’m kinda still married”, yeah I see how you keep your left hand in your pocket when you come around. I