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Dear Student (Uncensored)

Dear Student, Stop being lazy.  Life will not be life if you do not put work into it. Yes, work. School work. Work work. Volunteer work. Relationship work. All of it counts.     I know I get mad—loud mad and quiet mad. I get mad that leaders of this country don’t encourage education anymore to you---middle and lower class. I get mad that politics drive so much in the classroom. I get mad that you are okay with barely getting by. I get mad at myself because I don’t know what else to do to make you see that THIS matters. I get mad at policy makers. I get mad at social media because they have ruined your beautiful minds. I get mad that your attention span is no more than a 7 second vine, 10 second snapchat, or 140 character tweet. I get mad because I care. I get irritated that you think all I do Is look forward to grading your essays and projects on the weekend. While it may not be as exciting as your weekend life, I do have one, and your grammatically incorrect, lacking a thesis paper is

Belated Birthday Blog

I always write a birthday blog. I don't know why, but I do. Except for this year because it was just different. This year there was so much inside of me going on that I needed extra time to process everything.  I was turning 31. I was officially in my thirties: Successful with my career. independent; about to take the next step in my career; surrounded by support and love; and then there's this but hanging around. (And I'm sure everyone knows what that but is.)  And well .... sometimes you just need a cry on the bathroom floor. It's the most honest and raw cry---in the place where you bare it all. Groom it all. Judge it all. In the place where there's nothing to hide you from you---that's also where the most raw cries happen. How many times am I going to get it wrong before it goes right?!?  How many times am I going to give it all only to get this ending every time? And he wasn't even an butthole! Selfish at times and negative at others? Yeah, but when it