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My Heart is Black and Blue

What started out as a ramble of my heart a week ago has come to fruition through tears and a broken heart.  Ramble: The past few weeks have been a national, state, city, and personal nightmare. We have seen our version of a civil war and lives have been lost. I physically ache for each person. I physically ache for my dear friends who are cops. I physically ache for unjustified killings. I physically ache for the racism in this country. Rob Flaherty tweeted: “There’s no sides here. Cops protecting peaceful protestors. Black men unjustly killed. Your heart can break for both.” Come, Jesus, Come. And because our offenses are so high these days, I know that some will be offended by this and totally miss the point. And my heart aches for that.   The Point: The above has been sitting on my computer screen for a week. Now, with my heart in pieces all over again, I am sitting here and trying to find the words that explain my heart. If my heart has ever been