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Confession: I need you to man up!

Disclaimer: I really home you read this with my inflection and sarcastic ways. I’ve come to a point in li fe where I desire a child more than a husband. Men, I blame you for this. See, I have a solid relationship with the Lord. I am in this different season of life and it is beautiful. There have been many heartbreaks, which have come with many beautiful lessons. He truly is the lover of my soul. However, I am no stranger to the dating game. And I believe my two readers know this. Yes, I am a single, happy, independent, woman, who would like to have a partner in life and start a family. However, the dating scene is truly a game. And I don’t play by the rules, mainly because I’ve never seen the rule book. So, I am just myself and apparently, that’s “intimidating.” (Yeeeeah, I am confused about that, too.) But you men, you have a perverted and twisted sense of dating these days. You court and swoon and then just stop talking—I mean, maybe the fi