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Faith's Funny Friday

This is a couple of years old but it still makes me chuckle and its Friday afternoon, you know you need something to read to pass the last couple of hours at your desk:) I really just wonder do these things happen to other people? And I am beginning to wonder if candid camera is following me around to see how much I can take of odd life experiences. Nonetheless, I LOVE my life…and its moments like these that make it all the more enjoyable. So, I am at lunch and I run to dollar tree to pick up a birthday card for a coworker, while looking over the surprisingly good selection of cards that are 2 for a dollar, this lady comes up to me. I do not know why these people find me, maybe I look like the most na├»ve person in the store. She is holding a set of 4 red Christmas Jingle Bells and she starts mumbling something but all I hear are flower girl and wedding. At this point, I say “now, ma’am what is it you are using these for?” and she says “ I’m getting married soon, and my flower girl

Cleaning House

Yesterday I was going through some old blogs and found the "Big girl in a big city" series. As I read them and totally forgot I wrote them I realized how much I enjoy blogging and how I have missed it!! I have been wanting to blog more but have felt less than inspired and not had anything really exciting to blog about . So with that said, today I will blog about the mundane....the "what's been going on with Faith" blog....the Fabulous not so Riveting Life of Faith: With school out for the summer, my inner nerd has come alive and I have found I miss studying. I really don't know what's wrong with me but I get jealous of my sister when she has to study for her class hahaha! Maybe studying had become a new outlet or new hobby of mine. I am sure this fall when classes start back up, I will have hundreds of other things I would rather be doing than studying when indeed I should be studying. I have decided to change my major from elementary education to Engli

When Your Best Friends Get Married....

Weddings are always a joyous time. A time when no matter what your circumstance or relationship status you believe in love. Whether you are newly divorced, just broke up, always been single, fighting, loving or perfectly content when a wedding is in the present that Cinderella fairy tale love is truth. Don't lie, its ok to admit it, I will not tell a soul that you become that 5 year old little princess at the mention of a wedding!! A wedding brings hope. A hope that can soothe the most bitter hearts. A hope that there is a prince charming "out there" for everyone. That everyone has their soul mate and will have a happily ever after. A Hope ---for love. But then there's now...and the now is simply everyone is married or getting married and having babies and moving on with thier lives in a direction that you thought you would be on by now. For whatever reason, literally only God knows, your halted on that road...Somewhere there was a God-ordained det