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Pregnancy Tales

I started this entry in late January. As with a lot of my posts, I was letting it sit for a while before coming back to it. So here I am, coming back to it after Libby was born and it’s taken a whole other journey on its own. However, I think it’s perfect and leads into my next post that’s been sitting and still being written.  I once joked about going for a monthly massage at my chiropractor, saying that I was paying for my monthly dose of physical touch. There was a time in my life where I would go days or weeks without touching another human. Isn’t that bizarre?  It’s especially bizarre to me now because I can’t go five minutes without being touched.  But see, these pictures are precious to me. These moments, I truly do cherish them.  My time with Gracee and Titus started years after their birth, so in some ways we are all playing catch up.  In God’s goodness, He gave us each other in His time. And in a way that can only be attributed to Him