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A Christmas Night Ramble

It’s Christmas night.  The magic of Christmas Eve has past. The wrapping paper in the trash. New toys and gadgets are scattered. The kids fast asleep from a busy, fun filled few days. My husband asleep holding our youngest baby.  And me—well I’m awake not because I’m not exhausted, but because I just need a moment.  The glow of the tree still lights the room. And I find that I consistently dread December 26. I’ve always hated December 26 because that meant Christmas was over. And there are 363 days until it’s back (because Christmas Eve is my favorite).  I love Christmas. I always have. And I pray that I always will. Now, that I have kids I love it on a whole other level. My inner child comes out more and I try to make special memories for my family, especially my kids.  “Memories not things.” I remind myself.  There is a magic in the air at Christmas and I can’t deny it. I want to keep it alive for my kids all year round. Kind of how I tell them every year tha