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And The Thunder Rolls....

I came home from work today still fighting a headache. There was a thunderstorm brewing outside and the house was quiet. I took the opportunity to crawl into bed with Alex, my dog, and flipped on the TV. Of course, there was nothing that interesting on and I had seen the NCIS that was playing about five times. I flipped the TV off. I allowed myself to just listen to the outside. I heard the rain’s melody as it sloshed in the puddles outside my window. I listened to the quiet harmony the trees chimed as they bowed with the wind and as the thunder let out its bass of beat, I smiled. Nature was indeed singing its praise to Him. I listened intently for a while and soon my head started to feel better, as if the chorus outside had washed my headache away. However, my dear friends, who dare to click on any of my blogs, ranting, or whatever you call these, we all know that my thoughts went away with me. Each boom of thunder and every flash of lightning caused Zorro, “the other dog”, to start

Crazy Lady Driving

So, this morning I am driving down 28 along with everyone else and their momma. I am listening to Allison from American Idol jam to Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby", which is amazing by the way. So, I am minding my own business driving when out of know where a quarter sized, yellowish brown spider obstructs my view. I say "Um, hello?". I then think "Ok, I can't have this spider in my car all day where it can lay eggs or come back with friends?!?! What to do??" Mind you the spider is running back and forth my windshield. I take my foot the gas and get my flip flop (its casual Friday). SO, with my left hand on the steering wheel, I take my shoe and start chasing the spider across my windshield trying to kill it...I hit my windshield like three times before I finally killed the little demon!!! "Gross!! Now there's spider guts on my windshield!" BUT at least I killed him. However now I start laughing because there's a truck next to me that i

Time to Breathe

So I know this is months later, but I found this "blog" on my computer and wanted to share: It’s New Year’s Eve and 2008 is quickly coming to a close. No big party this year. No big midnight celebration for me; instead, I sit alone with Alex snuggled next to me and I am anxious. Anxious. The last two years have been a hurricane of real life with this past fall as a defining moment in life for me. I’m anxious to say goodbye to a year whose events will forever be with me and hello to a year with its own adventures and memories to be made. 2008. I never thought, never in my wildest imagination dreamed of a 2008 like I had. January, I don’t even remember you except for a fabulous 23rd birthday party. February and March brought restoration for a father and son. April, I don’t remember you but May, let the craziness begin. On May 28th, I found out my job was being outsourced to Houston. That evening there was confessed love and a proposal. June, you brought a family reunion to rem