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GPS & Detours

As you may or may not have read a few weeks ago I was in Shreveport to be apart of a movie. (I know you are thinking "wow, she's still on THAT??!?" but please just bear with me.) While I consider myself at a moderate level of being famaliar with Shreveport, I was not certain of the roads to take to get to the Century Tel Center, which is where I was supposed to park. I typed in the address into Trixie (my GPS) and went on my way, noting that Trixie said it would only take me about 3 minutes to get there from my Pops' house. As I am driving down the road, I am seeing these detour signs and when I get to the bridge I need to cross I see that it is closed. Trixie starts freaking out and talking to me in "that tone" of disappointment that she is having to "recalculate". At this point, I am really not sure of how to get to "the other side" of the river and to the CenturyTel center, because Trixie just wants me to make a U-turn and go the obvio


It is currently after eleven pm and I am up writing this blog and posting pictures for you my dear fans! (HA! It really hasn’t gone to my head, I promise!) Where do I begin with my adventure “on set”? FROM THE TOP! My drive to Shreveport Wednesday afternoon was pretty much just a drive. I was mentally going through everything I brought with me, swearing I forgot something that was of dire importance. It was overcast and raining and that my friend, is bad for my hair!! All of these thoughts were running through my mind when my drive became a glorious moment! My I-pod began playing “Power of a Dream” by none other than the great Celine Dion. Naturally, I turned up my volume and you could not have wiped the smile from my face if you would have tried! Of course, this was a perfect song for my drive to my first movie set!! (BTW: If this blogspot had a music option, you would be listening to it like I am now!!! Maybe I’ll you tube it!) SO, there I am belting out right along with Celine, t

A Swamp Retreat

The following is my blog that was requested by a few friends of my adventures Friday and Saturday! Hope you enjoy! I included a few pictures to break up the wordiness! Today, I retreated. It had been planned for a couple of weeks and way overdue. I almost canceled but I am glad I didn’t. I packed up books, journals and my Bible and I am now in the Magnolia Cabin at Prayer Lake in Lettsworth, LA. Peaceful. There’s a swamp on the grounds here and it is absolutely beautiful and somewhat spooky because I swear there’s a creeper alligator out there looking at my ham hocks thinking what a great dinner I would be for him. On the way here, I had to buy a hammer. I have a plate breaking project I am working on while I am here, some of you know about it and all of you can read about it later either on here or in my book! (HA!) You think I am kidding. Anyway, I meant to bring a hammer from home but forgot so I stopped in Marksville at the local Wal-mart and bought a hammer. For some reason, a

Here We Go Again....

It’s been almost a year. Today I saw a school bus and my first thought was “Aw, its Caldwell’s first school year without my Uncle Doug.” That’s when it hit me, no this is their second year without him. It’s been almost a year since his death, quickly followed by the year marker of Aunt Betty’s death. Tomorrow, I go to Aunt Betty’s love’s wake followed by his funeral Thursday morning. Right at a year and here we go again, back to the graves of loved ones that I have barely been able to mourn. A year. Where has it gone? I feel as if I lost a year. Sure this past year has been full of many great things but overall, a year since I lost you two? It can’t be. Just yesterday…….I was sitting at the dinner table eating some good home cookin with Aunt Betty before Uncle Doug’s retirement party. That party was just last June, when you both were healthy, for all intensive purposes at least. I am not sure a tear will be shed for Aunt Betty’s love that has passed on, not for any other reason that w

Louisiana Saturday Night Ramble

Earlier I blogged about purchasing two new books, one of which was The Secret Life of Bees. I since then, have finished reading it and have yet to share my opinion. (Because I know you all have been dying to know my opinion so you could decide whether you were going to read the book or not.) I have not seen the movie and just read the book well because I had a friend tell me it was good. Whilst I would agree the book is good, I have read better. It has all of the needed literary aspects to be read in classrooms however, the self discovery and empowering of a 14 year old girl, did not so much appeal to me. The story of the racial boundaries being crossed was much more interesting to me. It is a feminist book and I have nothing against that; however these feminist books cause a war within myself. There’s my conservative self that’s very submissive that strives for Proverbs 31 then there’s that other part of me that wants to burn my bra and protest at the local mechanic shops where I a

I.D.S.: Irritable Drive-thru Syndrome

Hi, my name is Faith and I suffer with I.D.S. aka Irritable Drive-thru Syndrome. It may not be on that official list of diseases (yet) but let me tell you it is VERY real! Over the last little while I have encountered some just irritating issues, and while they could be worse and are probably not even that BIG of a deal, I don’t want to waste this ticket I bought for this soap box I’m on! =) AND, let me just say maybe I am just having one of those weeks where everything irritates me……so here we go! Scenario One: I was at a local fast food eatery, standing in line when this woman in front of me says “I want a number 1, just the burger.” The cashier said “So you just want the burger?” customer: “No, a number 1, burger only.” ----------------------- People, when you want the burger only, you don’t order the combo number!! You order the whopper or Big Mac or the quarter pounder, you don’t say “number one, burger only” That’s not the respective number!! Petty, I know, but like I said, I