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2012: The 27th year

As we wind down 2012, I like to look back over my year. I guess I do this because I sometimes imagine each year as a chapter in my life with subchapters full of foreshadowing and other nerdy, literary devices. A perk of having a birthday that is only 16 days into the New Year, is that each year represents a solid year of age for me, with 2012 being my 27th year. This year was lived and lived well. January came with a fabulous celebration to begin my 27th year. We painted with laughter and smile at our masterpiece of the memories made. February came and well, the only thing of note that I remember was this wonderful little embarrassing story! March was a month full of blossoming friendships while others ended. Relationships always tend to grow and some die; but most importantly, a beautiful little girl came into my life: Brynleigh Carmouche! April was the month I had the privilege of spending time in Lubbock, Texas, and presenting one of my writings at a Literar

The Town Christmas Forgot

In the wake of a time stopping tragedy, America mourns the loss of heroes and sweet children.  One week ago, just 11 days before Christmas, these angels left us in a brutal attack. I cannot begin to imagine the gnawing pain; the shock; the disbelief. As I sit here, I am still struggling between being entirely consumed with the facts and being in total denial of such events. When I read the first status about the shooting, I thought, "No. Dear God, please let this be false." As the day unfolded, I was in a state of shock simply not understanding why the children, why the sweet babes? As a future educator my thoughts continued, “A school should be a safe haven for children that nurtures and encourages children. A school should not be a war zone even in a political sense. Our children are our future; our schools should be where the future is molded not stolen.” My empathy is feeble in the reality of the earth shattering loss Newtown, Connecticut is living. I find myself wond

When did you last celebrate Christmas?

As "the most wonderful time of the year" is upon on us, I am bracing myself for more "Christian" slogans about keeping Christ in Christmas (the word, not the actual season or day).That is what makes me laugh about all the social media posts and rants (quite like this one). It's so easy to post this and that but what about in the real world? This idea of bumper sticker/sloganized religion is probably not what Christ had in mind when He said, “Love your neighbor." Are we really keeping Christ in Christmas just by our posts and words?? What about the old saying "actions speak louder than words??" Or are we, as “professed Christians” in the virtual world, actually turning more people off to Christ in Christmas than we are showing Christ? Christmas is not celebrated just one day a year; it's not celebrated with even the craftiest Pinterest creation; the tastiest holiday cookie; the rich hot chocolate or even the hottest deal on a gift; In fa