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In Everything

"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done." -- Psalm 105:1 I wasn't going to do it. I promise. I wasn't going to post a cliche thankful blog, but then I was laying in bed and my thoughts and pondering ran away with me. It's one of those nights where I have to write, I have to get this out so that I may rest.  I remembered this picture that my mom crosstitched many years ago: She was working on this picture when she gave birth to my premature, still born baby brother, who was between my sister and me.   I remember her telling me this story vividly: "After coming home from the hospital, I was working on it again. And the still small voice, that we know so well, whispered, "You never thanked me for the baby." I didn't know how to thank the Lord for taking my baby. But, His Spirit lead me and I am thankful, now, for the journey." (Yes, that is the short version.) I am hu

An Open Letter

To the husband and wife who curled their noses at me, only after giving me the judgmental once over, and then proceeded to make rude comments about my physical appearance, while I was within earshot: I pity you.        You are the part of society that tells people they are never enough: their bodies are never fit enough; their hair never quite right; their crooked smile isn't white enough; their laugh is too loud; their thighs don’t have a gap; and the list could go on and on.         I left my house Saturday feeling pretty, an occurrence that does not happen all that often between the teacher clothes and sweatpants. I left my house looking forward to a shopping trip with some sweet ladies, whom I cherish. This was a good day and I had won the mental battle; a battle that should never have to be fought, except there are people like you in this world. After hearing your rude comments and how you summed me up in your eyes and words without a thought, or   returning a s