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  Motherhood.   Motherhood: Isn’t it funny? One day you are walking along, getting ready for a new school year, living your life, and then the next day, you have kids. NO? That’s not how it is for everyone? Ha! My journey to motherhood has been anything but traditional or conventional. There wasn’t 9 months of preparation for a child. There was a coffee date that turned into seeing “The Emoji Movie” two days later, and the 4 of us have never looked back. We just were. We just fit. We just are. This whirlwind of motherhood has come into my life like a wrecking ball. (I’m sorry for the Miley reference, but it fits.) Motherhood has rearranged my priorities. These two littles have rearranged my heart and passions. I see the world differently. I do things differently. Motherhood is interesting. It is a joy and it is exhausting in the most rewarding way. I have recently kept a log of a few motherhood observations. I do the weirdest things: