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Sunday I attended the Alexandria Mardi Gras parade with a good group of friends and some of their friends. We all gathered at a friend’s fabulously decorated house ate and hung out until we made our way to our spot on the parade route. Our group ranged in age from 1 year olds to 82 year olds, hey we like diversity and to make sure everyone is included! As time drew near for the parade to pass our spot on Texas Avenue we slowly began to be overtaken by another group. (This is not a blog about “spots” at parades, just bear with me.) I don’t mind the mingling of groups, I mean its going to happen, that’s what parades and being in the public is all about however, what I do mind is the lack of respect that seems to have overtaken our society by storm. As I was standing in the back of a pick up truck with my girls and their kids, enjoying the sights and sounds of the parade, my dear friend broke and started running towards the crowd. This group of unruly, disrespectful drunken teenagers ha