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After long hours, hardly a social life, and literal tears my first semester back in college is completed with success!! Finishing my first semester with three Bs and one A is a big accomplishment especially being that last time I was a student at LSUA I could not have cared less and my grades certainly showed as much. So what's different?? This time around I have a few life experiences under my belt. I am not focused on just getting an "mrs" degree. I know now what I want to do. I have direction. Seriously, at 18 who really knows what they want to do?? I thought I did at 18, oddly enough it's the same major I started with that I am now completing  I think years ago I was just in a rut. I remember things were happening way to fast for me. I don't deal well with change something I did not realize about myself at 18 but later in life(this is making me sound really old) change and I are not the best of friends. There's my confession of the month! at 18 I did not k