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Blogging Off The Weight 3

Alas! My first update after the holidays. How many of you are scared for these results?? I know I cringed when I stepped on the scales this morning however much to my delight I learned that I was able to maintain the loss of 6lbs without gaining or losing anymore. I count this as a WIN! I just KNEW that I gained 10 lbs over all the Christmas dinners! So, now back to calorie counting and adding in some exercise in my spare time when I'm not working! haha Seems all I do is work! I did manage to sneak away from work today on lunch and check out Old Navy's 60% off sale. That is where I found an 89 cent shirt. I purposely bought the shirt in a smaller size, as a goal. It says HAPPY THANKSGIVING...but who cares it was 89 cents and its for motivation!! I'm tempted to post to DISGUSTING picture that will one day be a BEFORE picture...hopefully!! (ya'll pray for me self control!!) My goal for May is to lose 40 by May. I've been told that its doable and let

Another Magical Season

Can you believe that Christmas is already gone??? I blinked and it was Christmas week! I blinked again and here I am writing that Christmas 2009 is in the past! Unbelievable! This year’s season seemed to fly by more quickly than other seasons, it was also a bittersweet Christmas for this was the first without my grandpa. He was definitely missed and we all had our moments where our hearts physically hurt for his smile. Since I barely had time to stop in this magical season, my blog suffered! hahaha Remember when it snowed!?!?! Oh What a truly magical night that was!!! I was just like a kid!! Here are a couple of just "pretty" shots, yes these are on facebook but please humor me ;) Here's Hannah and I on our way to bell ring the next morning: We has Christmas with my Pops and cousins in Texarkana the weekend before Christmas. Its truly pure moments of awe and blessing when we all get together! For so long we did not have each other and now that we do I don't r

Blogging Off The Weight 2

How many of you thought I forgot?? I know, I know all of you. I promise I haven't forgotten to update, I have been so extremely busy!! Between two jobs and the hustle and bustle of the season I haven't had time in the evenings to sit down!! I love it, well the hustle and bustle anyway!! So, as far as an update, the scales showed this morning that I lost 3 more pounds for a grand total of 6! WOO!! I have to daily remind myself that this, much like anything in life, is a process. I won't wake up and be at my goal weight. I have to daily fight the battle and daily be patient with myself. Its been tough trying to eat in moderation during this season. I should confess that I am not depriving myself of the season's most delicious delights but I am just not gorging myself on them. Portion Control is the name of game this season haha!! Just so you know, I do have some fun updates from this holiday season but that will have to wait til maybe tonight after some shopping with

Blogging Off The Weight 1

As promised, I am updating about the "calorie counting",yes that is what I am calling it rather than a "diet". It's a mental game. Last week, after I posted the blog I was immediately hit with cravings of sweets, cause thats my weakness!! Then I was reminded that "the world was watching" to see if I could do this. Which, when you have an "audience" it makes it saying no to that wonderul milk chocolate bar a liiiitle bit easier. Just a little though. Overall, I have been so busy that I have not had the time to cook healthy things at the house and bring them with me, but I have learned what low calorie things I can eat here at RRMC and fast food places. It may not be the most ideal choice right now but a grilled chicken wrap or salad is WAY better than a big mac and fries! Also, I made it thru Thanksgiving pretty good. Portion control was the name of the game that day and the next. I never stuffed myself and only ate small portions of my favo

Holiday Cheer

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving! I know my family and I did. It was full of family, fun, food, football (could I have one more "f"??) and laughter! Thanksgiving also came with its bittersweet moments for this was the first without my grandpa. He was definitely missed. Even though he had gotten to the point that he was not supposed to eat food by mouth, he loved to come help in whatever way he could, and he would sneak him a taste or two ;). It truly is the little things that you miss the most. Never take for granted the small things, that may seem insignificant. I promise you, those are the things you will remember most. For Fun, I will throw in random pictures:This is my mom, Aunt Margie, Aunt Martha, Hannah and Yours Truly on Thanksgiving. These ladies are so dear to me!! Well, Christmas time is definitely here! Lights sparkling, carols in the air, hot chocolate every evening by the fire and SNOW!!! WHAT?? Am I the only one that is totally elated about the p