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Daily Adventures

There's nothing "special" about this post. There's no grand story of Oscar or life lesson not even redneck drama. (I know you are all so sad and probably wondering if you will even continue reading.) I debated writing a blog like this because I feel like a complete narcisist. The blogs I follow are mostly of people with husbands and children and I have neither....yet anyways. So, sometimes I struggle with blogging period things that happen to me, but today I am doing it!! I'm taking the plunge, at the risk of looking like a complete narcisist, and blogging about the past couple of weeks COMPLETE with pictures of these marvelous daily adventures! (I promise to keep it as short as I can!!) Along came the BUMP: I'm sitting at work one day, and I am sure I was diligently looking at facebook when a co-worker walked in and said "Ladies, I have a prize!!" I though "YES! Free Chocolate today!!" but oh no, the prize was something MUCH more en

Dinner & Drama

It was a Friday evening. The sun was casting the most glorious glow across the city. HA! Who am I kidding?!?! Friday night Heath and I went to dinner at the Peking Restaurant on Jackson Street. Lovely, place. I personally enjoyed their music taste. I mean anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Celine Dion so when “My Heart Will Go On” was being belted from the speakers, I had to restrain myself from singing along. However, when Celine Dion is followed by Christmas Music….in June, I know that I have found a new place to call home! The restaurant is buffet which is usually not my favorite but this night I was super glad with my suggestion to go there. We are sitting have a delightful conversation about the goings and comings of life when out the window I notice some major high school-esque drama taking place. Immediately, Heath and I are intrigued and glued to the window like vulchers. (Shameful, I know!!) There’s a girl outside ranting and raving complete with arm and neck motions (you

Fabulous Affirming Day in NOLA

"I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand... Adventure is a state of mind - and spirit." Jacqueline Cochran Today I went to New Orleans on a “Joan of Arc” mission. Actually, I was just bringing him for a check up after his surgery. Our day started with a trip to Harlow’s Donuts, of course. Drew, my “Joan of Arc” mission, and I always have the best experiences together. So, when the little old man who was pushing 80 at a mere 5’1” called Drew “a little boy” while the man proceeds to flirt with the donut cashier, we knew this day held many adventures. Boy, were we right!! The drive down there was pretty mild, filled with wonderful conversation. The fun really began when we enter New Orleans and got behind a school bus full of children who were around the age of 9 or 10. One of them looked at me made his forefinger and thumb like a gun and pretended to shoot me then took the same hand and made a very lewd gesture. I was app