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"Another Poem About The Heart"

The semester is coming to a close and I can not wait to catch up with my blog! Meanwhile, while I getting ready for another day of class tomorrow I ran across the essay I wrote last semester in response to the poem below. In light of some bizarre events here lately I am posting this and plus it gives me an excuse to post on my blog! Hope you enjoy!! Another Poem About the Heart - Jenn Habel When the floor drops out, as it has now, you cannot hear the squirrel on the wire outside your window, the wheels spinning on the road below. You want only pity and are presented with the unbelievable effrontery of a world that moves on. But wait: this is not the person you are. You're the kind of person who sits in dark theaters crying at the collarbones that curve across the dancers' chests, at the proof of a perfection they represent; a person who goes out walking in a four-day drizzle, sees a pot of geraniums and is seized, overcome by how they can bring

He is in the Fog

"I will never leave you nor forsake you says the Lord" Hebrews 13:5 Lately, I find my heart in a state of ignorant peace. A peace despite my sense of not knowing what is coming or what is really in my present. All I really know is that I have school and work and I encounter a lot of people everyday and sometimes the budding relationships with these people can throw me for a loop. Sometimes its the development of maturing relationships and how they change over time. Have I lost you? My state of ignorant peace can only be from the Hand of God, you see my name is engraved in His hand and on His heart. This promise I know is true so I know its not a state of being forgotten by God. He would never forget any of us, we are all constantly on the forefront of His mind. This ignorant peace is overwhelming. I was recently driving to class one foggy morning. When I reached highway 71, where LSUA is, the fog seemed to grow more dense with every few feet. I kept driving. I literall

Cheap Post

Hello Dearies, if you are still here!! I am just checking in because yes, I am still here!! Are you?? Life has been crazy this semester but I am surviving because "I can do all things through Christ!!" I miss my little blog. How's YOUR life going? I am consumed with work and books and school and papers and projects and and and .........I won't bore you; however, I do promise a fun little blog coming soon! The Lord is always faithful with a cool message and I want to share one in particular! For now, I will use this time to post a little project I had to write for one class. My Obituary. It was very strange writing this. There was a constant struggle of me feeling very narcissistic and just being plain ridiculous and then there was the feeling that I was inadvertently setting some very high goals for myself! Anyway, as bizarre as it is here's the little ditty I wrote for my obituary. Hope in some way its funny to you!?!? This is weird..Anyway, ENJOY and I prom