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Gratitude and Grief

"Disney+ on the TV—The kids’ giggles in the living room—I’m working on my Thanksgiving dishes for tomorrow, and my sweet hubby will be on his way home from work shortly—the scene used to be one that was just a far off dream I had in my heart. And now, it’s a beautiful reality. It’s my beautiful reality. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and awe at just how good God is. #thankful #blessed #littlethings #tuppertales" I posted the above as a quick snapshot to document a moment and emotion last night. The kitchen was a mess and the noise was constant, but I couldn’t help my gratitude that this was exactly what I’ve prayed for for years.  Husband. Kids. Baking. Cooking. Disney on a loop. Christmas lights. I mean, it really couldn’t get more perfect. It is exactly what my heart has desired for so many long years.  Is it perfect? No.  Would I change it? No. It is beautiful.  My older kids and I saw Frozen 2 this week. Y’all. Disney has done it again. I do

Pregnancy Tales: The 4th Trimester and Postpartum

This post is different. This post is a collection of thoughts and feelings since Libby was born. So, it has been written over the span of 8 months. The fourth trimester.  “It’s for true,” in the words of my 6 (now 7) year old.  This post has been a journal of entries in the notes app on my phone. It’s not always pretty.  It’s not all sweet baby smells and snuggles.  And it’s certainly not always talked about. In fact, I had never heard of it until I lived it.  We should be talking about it.  In the days following Libby’s birth, I fully expected myself to bounce back. It took me more than a week to let it sink in that I needed to recover. I had had major surgery. I had been cut wide open and life pulled from within me. And literally a part of my body was now existing—breathing—on the outside.  Truth is, I needed to let other people help and rest. I needed to heal. But, I would get frustrated from the pain or that I couldn’t do like I once did.  In my