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A Teacher's Soundtrack

During any moment throughout the school day, a teacher's brain has 3,486 thoughts running.  I have seen an internet meme that has about 3,486 internet tabs open as an example and I couldn’t agree more. So, if we are using that as an example, one of those tabs is his or her soundtrack--the soundtrack of lyrics to songs that we can't sing out loud. Lyrics to songs that are probably inappropriate, but somehow seem appropriate in our adult mind that lives in a non-adult world at school.  So, before we begin this testing season this week, I wanted to share some of the soundtrack that runs through my mind. However, you must not read if you are going to judge:) Who knows, maybe you can relate to a song or two! Teacher’s Soundtrack with Lyrics: Anytime while on duty:  "Y'all better not fight in this [place]" In the classroom on any day where anything might distract them: “Y'all gon' make me lose my mind up in HERE, up in here  Y'all gon' make me go all out


Tonight, I spent the evening writing letters. Letters that I would never send, but letters that needed to be written. I never closed the letters because there was no resolution. They were open ended.  Why? Because my reality right now is not the forgiveness and mercy and grace it would take to have a resolution.  Because I thought I had dealt with things. And I did. And God did a work. But for some reason I've dug it up subconsciously.  Have you ever had something come up that brought in old and new emotions about something?!? Because that's part of what this is. And boy, has it slapped me in the face.  You see, my reality right now is full of anger. It's full of disgust. It's full of being okay with just walking away from certain people and never looking back. My reality is to just be done.  But I know....somewhere in my heart---under all of this---under all of me---there's the knowledge that that's not He would do. He would extend that grace and mercy once aga