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From Tattered Fabric to Perfect Tapestry

Lately in my life I have encountered a lot of changes, both personal and professional. I have had dear friends just walk away, I was forced to switch jobs, leaving people I love. I have personally suffered some very warring storms; The wounds still fresh, have caused a downward spiral of emotions and self destructive thoughts and feelings. Unhealthy, is what this is. Unhealthy for me and it is now started affecting the relationships left in my life. I have questioned everything about myself trying to figure out who I am and what is wrong with me for this “abandonment” to happen. So, I took a step back to evaluate who I am, tossing all “Sunday School” answers aside and this is what I found: I know I am a woman. A woman who is loving, caring and puts everyone and everything before herself. I give my all in relationships, loving with the rage of a storm. A woman who probably has an overly innocent and positive outlook on things. I am emotional. I live every day with passion, soaking in ev

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