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No Day But Today!

I have been back to work now for a week and I still miss the "big city" life and I must admit I miss the blogs, also! Working two jobs is tough and twelve hour work days are killer on the feet; so much so that me and my tennis shoes have become VERY CLOSE friends. During this past week, I have had alot of blog ideas come to me on various topics and all are being worked on. However, one that came to mind was a "series". Maybe its a series or maybe its just for accountibility for myself. I am sure you are wondering what the topic is! Well, weightloss. (Ok bare with me!!) Have you ever made that new year's resolution of losing weight and you are "GUNG HO" about it for a month (maybe) NO? Ok maybe it was just me! Or maybe you have said "tomorrow" I am starting my diet...again, just me? Ok, well that tomorrow never comes for me. Tomorrow becomes another tomorrow which turns into another tomorrow and then here I am still wanting/needing to lose som

Big Girl in a Big City: Day Five/Night Six

Disclaimer: this post will probably have more actual pictures of me, for entertainment purposes, so PLEASE prepare your eyes!! ;) This morning came so early after only four and a half hours of sleep. I stayed up late packing and double checking every nook and cranny of the hotel room to make sure I didn't forget anything. So, this morning I got up, got ready, finished packing and made two trips down to the car and checked out of the hotel. This made me realize that my dad has me spoiled. He always takes care of the heavy bags and checking out and all that responsible grown up stuff or there's usually someone there to just do that.(Hahaha) It was casual day today, meaning we could wear jeans. Can YOU tell how heavy my eyes were this morning?? I can =) I got to the office and Oh here's a picture of the building I have been in all week: OK, so I got to the office and we took tests, thankfully I passed with two A's!! Yay Me!! Thanks for all you who said a prayer! After

Big Girl in a Big City: Day Four/Night Five

I know this post is coming later than the previous posts, belive me, my body and eyelids also know this fact to be true! However, I have been studying for the big test tomorrow with some fabulous girls here at the hotel!! We will get to that eventhough it is just yet another "insignificant" detail. Today, I selected my black slacks, pink top that ties and black cardigan with my patent leather 3inch black heels. Yes, I did feel a bit sassy, thanks for asking! Here is your daily "wardrobe" photo: Class today was full of Medicare and tests and reading and Healthstream, and while it is ALL very important for ME and significant to ME, it is really boring and I don't care to really speak of it any more today! I will be tested on all of it tomorrow morning around 9 so please, say a little prayer for MEEEEE!!! At lunch today I learned that my Mrs. Glenda has two tattoos! She is so cool! No, the tats aren't what makes her cool neither does the fact that she loves

Big Girl in a Big City: Day Three, Night Four

I just got off the phone with a friend who in not so many words was making fun of the things I blog about. Stating that its "crazy" that I blog about basically nothing and the play by plays of a seemingless uneventful day. He also said that "everything is important to me and that if something REALLY important ever did happen to me, my head would explode." He went on to "snarkily" say that I needed to get back to blogging about my "insignificant things on a blog that is CALLED SIGNIFICANCE!" He was astounded that I referred to this as a "series" and that I had a couple of readers" It won't take some of you long to figure out who this person was (hahahaha!) ALL that to say, Yes, I do blog about "the little or insigificant things" I enjoy them...I appreciate them and I try to live life to the fullest!! No one is MADE to read my blog, ok maybe I HIGHLY hint at some of you TO read it but its never a life or death thi

Big Girl in a Big City: Day Two, Night Three

I've sat here trying to think of a good starting point for today. While it may not be clever or dramatic I will begin this post with a simple statement: Today dawned bright and early at 6AM, with the sun shining through my sheet curtains and my mind trying desperately to tune out the nagging beep to tell me to get up! Alas, I got up, got dressed and ready for the day with minutes to spare and for that, dear friends, I was VERY proud of myself! Today, I chose to wear khakis, a brown top with a cropped orange blazer. I almost looked like an autumn leaf walking I DID look like an autumn leaf walking around! And Today, you get TWO pictures! hahaha I know you are thrilled!! Look how little my shoulders look! hahaha Sassy! Today, we spent lots of time going over things that I, not to sound arrogant, already knew alot about and you can't really blame was a review of what I did for three years! However, it was a nice refresher course and I did get to draw som

Big Girl in a Big City: Day One/Night Two

First off, I would like you all to know that it took me forever to get to sit down and write this post tonight! However, I loved every minute of the journey...well not the part when my computer chord decided to stop working completely and had to go to Best Buy to get one. Here I am $113.69 dollars later, writing this blog. Why does a computer power chord cost so much?? Because I have a Dell...and Dell is not concerned about its customers, and since they don't sell Dell products in any store except, I had to buy a univeral chord that comes with about 4,000 pieces and costs WAY too much! So, thanks to a loan from my parents, you my faithful reader(s) are getting this blog tonight! Love you, "Enrique and BeBe"!! =) After last night's post, I crawled into the most comfortable bed that literally cuddled next to my body and tried to fall asleep. All the elements for sleep were there: comfy bed? check. tiredness: check. pillows in place? check. peace and quiet? che

Big Girl in a Big City: Night One

Disclaimer:The title of the blog series, Big Girl in a Big City, has no reflection on my size; it simply reflects the fact that I packed my big girl panties for this "my first business trip; my first trip to a big city alone....for a week." =) Ok, now that THAT is out of the way I will continue on because I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about my first night. Well, nothing too exciting to report. I learned that I CAN indeed entertain myself on the road for 5 hours, thanks to the help of my ipod with a Christmas playlist! Yes, you read Christmas =) I snapped a few photos along the way, but like I said, nothing special. Upon arriving to my hotel, I found that it is a VERY nice one, thanks Hilton Family!! It has a heated pool and whirlpool so stay tuned for a report on that goodness! Also, the Holy Ghost himself is staying here....Yes, there's some ministry team here doing a revival...Might have to check that out one night! As you may can tell

As Promised....An Update

Obviously there are some revisions to be made to blogging on the go with my phone, and if you read the post below "not forgotten" you can see them for yourself. Also, you will see that this past month, since the passing of my grandfather has been jam packed! With what?? I can't really tell you all just because it doesn't seem like its been weeks since I wrote that blog but I can tell you that there have been some bittersweet moments and some just down right fun and great moments too, and those are the ones I want to share; after all I did promise a blog I did NOT promise a blog that you would enjoy! =) First up, we have Scooter time. Yes, my grandmother, who is also a Wal-Mart greeter rides a scooter...yes on the if you see her, be extra careful =) However, to cheer me and Hannah up one afternoon she let me (and my sister) drive it.... My Grandma on her red hot scooter!! Yes I am aware that I look special! You should also know, because I feel this is

Not Forgotten

My fellow friends and bloggers, no worries, I have not forgotten my this blogspot!! This past month has been jammed packed and I am planning on posting a new blog tonight! Oooh you should know that I am posting this blog directly from my phone, actually sotting in a drive thru!! Look at me multi tasking because i'm that awesome hahaha! Ok loves, I'll post later complete with pictures! I'm so anxious to see how this works from my phone:)