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A Quickie With A Request

For my handful of faithful readers, I just wanted to let you all know, I have not abandoned nor have I forgotten about this blogspot! Infact I have a very unique blog in the works if I could just sit down and write it. Life here has been a little chaotic lately, ya know with me being a celebrity and all.....(thats a joke)..but seriously autumn is usually my favorite time of the year; however, Last autumn was filled with three major events that altered my world but God is good and His mercies are truly never ending!! This autumn has found my family at the bedside of my grandfather who is in respiratory and kidney failure, along with fighting being toxic and a sloo of other medical conditions. As if this isn't enough there are other family dynamics here that I can literally see the hand of God working out, and while its exhausting to my human mind and emotions its nothing less than beautiful. So, if I may ask anything of you at this time it would be to please remember my family in pr

Paging Embarassment to the ERrah

It was last Friday and I woke up like any other morning, moving around but not really focusing on anything, going through the motions if you will. I had a pretty bad headache so I took some medicine, got ready for work and went on my way. On the way to work I started to experience the worst chest pain wasn't like indigestion or anything I have ever felt. I began to become short of breath, trying to stay calm and take deep breaths I felt as if I could not get enough oxygen in my lungs. I got to work and barely made it into my office. I sat at my desk with my good friend Shanna, hoping it would pass. About twenty minutes later when the pain was blinding me and moving to my shoulders, I decided to go to the ER. It should be noted that I have a MAJOR complex about going to the ER or even my doctor for any type of pain! I guess that comes from being the daughter of a nurse and seeing just about every chart that comes into the ER. After almost passing out on Shanna three times