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Jesus and Lady Gaga

In light of multiple outbursts on social media sites that reeked with the stench of spiritual pride after Colton Dixon sang Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance" I just want to publicly say: I'm sorry. I am sorry, Colton, that fellow "Christians" cast the first stone because of a song choice, apparently we do have non sinners on earth. (John 8:7) I was unaware. I am sorry that fellow "Christians" reverted to putting Jesus in a box. American Idol is a talent competition after all, not an I-love-Jesus-more-than-you-do-competition, we save that for prayer groups and Sunday mornings, ya see. Based on talent alone, I believe you will go far and I applaud you for sticking to your faith in the spotlight. I applaud you for always giving God the glory.  I am sorry we are holier than thou as we judged and pulled support for you because of a Lady Gaga song.... I mean obviously that's what Jesus would do!  Oh and apparently I am not considered a "good Christian&

Plastic Cross ??

“For the baby in her womb, He was the maker of the moon, He was the author of the faith that can make the mountains move” (A.Peterson   “Labor of Love”) The eve before Easter –well technically it IS Easter – I’m up trying to write school papers and due to my writer’s block, I check facebook. My newsfeed is full of pictures of plastic, commercialized Easter baskets from the “Easter Bunny”. Pastels have literally thrown up all over and I am sickened at the sight. Call me old fashioned. Call me whatever you please… But since when did Easter become so commercialized? Since when did we take Jesus out of Easter too? Since when are we more excited about chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs than we are the gift of eternal life through Jesus? Isn’t it bad enough we have “holiday trees” instead of “Christmas trees”?? Isn’t it bad enough that the gift of Jesus’ miraculous birth is overshadowed by our own “gimme gimme gimme” to an old man in a red suit??   And now…now Easter too??