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Truth of the matter is

Sometimes I forget to hate you It's just easier to hate her Him Them Those you lied about. No I don't trust you more than I could throw you (as the saying goes) Rather, I pity you. I pity the fact that I will forever be the one that Got away From you. I pity the fact you don't know who you are For the many facades that you wear. Aren't you tired? Aren't you tired...of the show?? I pity the fact that you know I am better off  Without y ou All facts you have to live amongst While I  move on Not away----yet--- but on On with my life, On with my dreams To obtain my moon That doesn't include you....and now Looking back It. Never. Did. You wouldve never let me obtain my moon For it was always what you wanted no matter what As for them--- Well, They really just wear a facade as you do A facade that lacks dignity Respect and Integrity Maybe now you see what you had And lost But s o do I  except I won! Harsh? Probably but so is the truth And well, Let's be honest

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday and because I have not posted a blog in a week and because I really do enjoy WHAT I’M LOVING WEDNESDAY we will join the link up party yet again!! I am loving my Sterling Grace  necklace. Each piece is handmade and each different charm is inspired by a bible verse. This one is Colossians 3:3 which says “For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”   I am loving my rain boots for it is supposed to rain again today and I believe for the rest of the week which means bad hair and swimming to class! I am loving this new game SCRAMBLE with friends, yes that’s my new high score! This game is ridiculously addicting!!! Ok and this is an oldie but I absolutely love this caricature of myself that was done in NYC!! It’s hilarious!! No I did not have a martini or microphone in my hand (but how accurate) and no I did not have on those grandma hot pants!! I won’t point out the other thing that I find hilarious, i

What I’m Loving Wednesday

I have not had the chance to be a part of a Link Up blog party since this summer. Today I have a little bit of time so I am taking advantage of such!! SO here we go: What I’m Loving Wednesday!! I am loving my new hot pink vest! Yes you CAN see me coming from a mile away!! I am loving my glitter nails by the Sinful Colors line at Walgreens. I mean who doesn’t  love good quality nail polish for $1.99?!?! I am still forever loving my favorite city, New Orleans and desperately craving a trip! I am loving the start of a new semester, I think. While really I feel intimidated by this semester and its day 2 I am happy to be on the path of getting another semester behind me! (and that’s not even all my books…..) I am loving that Mardi Gras season is here.  No, I am not a partier and I am not Catholic but I do love the season of Mardi Gras and getting together with friends for fun, food and beads! I love the colors and the king cake but most of all I love it bec

27 Faithisms

Monday I will be turning 27! Yes it is my birthday on Monday so for all of you who have a three day weekend, you can thank ME for being born ;) I found a blog recently where the girl did 29 random facts to celebrate her 29 th birthday. Well, of course I loved this fabulous idea and decided to do my own version. This year’s birthday post is: 27 Faithisms I hate nutcrackers. They creep me out! I love blogging and wish I did it more often but then there’s the fear of being completely full of myself…And seriously what would I write about?! I am absolutely obsessed with birthdays!! I am daily learning to be content. I am beyond excited to kick off the birthday celebrations with my bestie, Erika when we go see my all time favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast (in 3d) tonight!! We will be the ones singing in our tiaras! I feel pretty intimidated by the upcoming semester’s classes. I hate being lied to or about and manipulative games. I love aquariums. I could si

10 Things I Believe

     During my winter break from school, I have been cleaning out and have come across some interesting things. I came across things I forgot about, like the journal I started of "little things" about my ex. Yeah, that was a fun find! Ha ha! I found a lot of old writings and pictures and just plain crap.           Among some of the writings I found, I found these: "10 Things I Believe about God" and "10 Things I Believe About Me". This was a homework project of sort, a couple of years ago ( And Then There Was Grace  )               As I read them, it was just a beautiful moment so I thought I would share them and challenge you to do the same. Write down 10 things you believe about yourself and 10 things you believe about God. It's much harder than it sounds. These are things you believe with your heart not that you have been told not that you think or know or wish to be true....but things that you actually BELIEVE! Here are mine! 10 Things I Bel

New Year, New Journey

Where did 2011 go? All of the sudden 2012 is here and forcing me to be ok with the fact that I did not get to post my Christmas blog! Maybe it was not meant to be. Last semester ended in a whirl of good grades (4 B’s, 1 A and 1 C in math) changes in life, heart changes, growth…lots of growth , new people and a new addiction to Pinterest. This next semester is quickly approaching and well I expect much of the same! Last year I did a series of newbies, documented by a picture posted to Facebook for every day. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I get the impression others enjoyed it too! This year I want to do something a little different and a little more meaningful; a thankfoto . What is that? Well, first of all it’s a made up word but more importantly it's a daily photo for something I have learned to be thankful for, whether it is good or bad, new or old. I have been overwhelmingly blessed in my life and need to appreciate life more; I need to live with a heart of gratitude ra